gutenachtbus von vision:teilen und fiftyfifty (good-night-bus of vision:teilen and fiftyfifty)

Schirmerstr. 27



Opening hours:

Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu.
10–11pm Old town ("Altstadt") (at the Kom(m)ödchen, Kay-und-Lore-Lorenz-Platz)
11.30pm–0.30am Central Station (corner of Friedrich-Ebert-Straße/Karlstraße).
At temperatures below 0 °C the gutenachtbus-Team additionally on outreach. Times may vary due to this.
The current times and stops can be found on the website at:

We have room for:

  • w
  • m
  • nein

You'll also find here:

Further Information

Warming up in winter, food, drinks, sleeping bags and blankets, help in finding a place to sleep in a shelter, transport to a shelter in emergencies, arranging further assistance, information.

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